Holy Trinity Interparochial School
Early Childhood Program
304 Central Ave, Mountainside, NJ
Grades 1-8
336 First Street, Westfield, NJ
Blue Ribbon Award

School Overview

Holy Trinity Interparochial School is a religious educational resource serving local communities since 1916. As a Middle States Accredited School operating under the auspices of the Newark Archdiocesan School System, the school emphasizes the values of our faith and continually seeks to build a community where priests, parents, parishioners, students, faculty, and staff share a common concern for the spiritual and educational growth of each individual. Our school has a faculty of certified teachers, educating children from preschool through eighth grade. In addition to classroom teachers, the staff includes a full-time resource room teacher, a librarian, a computer teacher, three foreign language teachers and an art teacher.

The basic subjects are taught employing various educational techniques and audio-visual equipment. Spanish, French, art, vocal and instrumental music, and physical education classes are also part of the curriculum.

Religion, as an integral part of the curriculum, is taught daily and permeates all aspects of everyday school activities. Students plan and participate in liturgies and experiences that give positive expression to their faith.

Facilities include a fully equipped automated library, computer and science laboratories, music room, resource room, a broadcasting studio, gym/auditorium, and a cafeteria. Incorporating technology into the classrooms is ongoing with a T.V., V.C.R. and computer in each classroom.

Our Kindergarten and Preschool classes are held at our Mountainside Campus at the Our Lady of Lourdes Facility, providing an age appropriate setting for our youngest students. Extracurricular activities include: a literary magazine, a drama club, a choir, girls’ softball, boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, basketball intramurals, cross-country and spring track, cheerleading, and all levels of scouting for both girls and boys.

Extended Day Care is also available at both campuses.
Link to Extended Day Care pages for Westfield campus
Link to Extended Day Care pages for Mountainside campus  
Protecting God's Children

By now you should all be familiar with the Charter for the protection of Children and Young People, approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. As an integral part of the goal to protect the faithful from the specter of sexual abuse of children that is pervading our society, Article 13 of the Charter requires dioceses to evaluate the background of all diocesan and parish personnel who have regular contact with minors. Based on the guidelines established in the Dallas Charter for Protecting God’s Children, our Archdiocese has implemented several requirements for all parish staff, school staff and all volunteers.