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Lunch Duty Message from Sr. Maureen

Dear Parents,

We hope all our first through eighth graders had a successful first day of school today and are looking forward to seeing our youngest students in kindergarten and pre-k next week.

As you are aware, next week we begin a full day schedule at the Westfield Campus which includes lunch and recess. We have significant gaps in the lunch volunteer schedule and are asking all parents who are available to volunteer to do so now. The Mountainside Campus begins a full schedule the week of September 15th and is also in need of volunteers.

Please email Erin Jacobs for Westfield and Deanette Myers for Mountainside with your lunchtime availability.

We also ask that you complete/return  your volunteer forms which you received during the summer. If you have misplaced the form, you can download one on the school website or fill out an  electronic version if that is easier for you.

We need volunteers for many different programs and events so it is imperative that we receive your responses.

God bless you.

Sister Maureen

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