Early Childhood Education at Mountainside Campus

The Holy Trinity School Mountainside Campus provides our youngest students with an age-appropriate, faith-based, academic program supporting the whole child while fostering a sense of community for the entire family.  Family masses are held on Holy Days, and students participate in monthly para-liturgies in the church led by priests from our Our Lady of Lourdes, Holy Trinity, and St. Helen’s Church.

The educational needs of the students are met through a curriculum devised to provide quality education for the young child in a developmentally-appropriate and nurturing Catholic environment.  Teachers focus on developing the individual strengths of each child, while simultaneously developing the skills necessary for a successful transition to the elementary years at Holy Trinity School at our Westfield campus.

PreK-4 Plus, PreK-4, PreK-3, and 2 Year Olds

Students as young as two years old begin to develop a life-long love of learning in a classroom that is staffed with a certified teacher and an aide. The Pre K curriculum from PreK 3 through PreK 3 + emphasizes language development, reading and math readiness skills, art awareness, social development, and follows the tenets of the Catholic Church.

PreK 4 and PreK 4+ continue with the curriculum put forth by the Archdiocese of Newark and it includes experiential learning with a balanced approach  of center based learning combined with a strong emphasis on reading and math readiness skills. Children in our program receive weekly special instruction in music, library, creative movement, and Spanish.

Both indoor and outdoor play are an integral part of the curriculum for our Early Childhood Program.  The campus offers a safe, well-equipped and maintained outdoor play space, as well as green space for outdoor games and exercise.  On rainy days we utilize our newly refurbished auditorium/gym area to promote physical exercise and cooperative play.





Full-Day Kindergarten (offered at both Mountainside & Westfield Campuses)


Kindergarten Math Center

Kindergarten Math Center

The philosophy of our kindergarten program at Holy Trinity is to provide an opportunity for each child to grow and develop through his or her achievement in religion, reading, and math.  We believe in the importance of helping each child build a good self-image and develop his or her own sense of worth in the world.  Stages of development can be enriched, but not accelerated.  Although the children are entering kindergarten at various levels of development, we are proud to accommodate all students in our full day, academic kindergarten program.

Our program offers activities intended to enhance listening skills, pre-reading and reading skills, math skills, and awareness of our Catholic faith.  Our learning program includes:

  • Art projects using a variety of tactile materials
  • Print capital and lowercase letters
  • Number concepts 0 – 20
  • Counting 1 – 100
  • Opposites; rhyming words
  • Speaking and communication skills
  • Relationships of objects (color, size, shape, position)
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Recognize beginning & final letter sounds and medial vowel sounds
  • Address, telephone number, birthday
  • Day of the week, months, special holidays
  • Science concepts
  • Social studies topics
  • Speaking and communication skills
  • Special classes weekly in art, music, library, and Spanish

It is hoped that students beginning their learning at the Mountainside Campus continue their education through the grades at the Westfield Campus, embarking on an educational journey in the tradition of the Catholic School system that has served Westfield and the surrounding communities for over 100 years.

Why HTS?

  • A strong Catholic, faith-based and academic program dedicated to educating the whole child
  • A caring faculty who are N.J. State Certified and highly experienced in Early Childhood Education
  • Specialized teachers provide instruction in art, music, creative movement, library, and Spanish

    Mrs. Hazard Leads Students in Song for International Peace Day

  • Classroom teachers and aides who utilize the latest in educational technology, including computers, Smart Boards, and iPads
  • Enrichment activities offered after school including cooking, science, art, literature, and sports games
  • Beautiful grounds available for outdoor play
  • Family involvement in all areas of school life, including monthly para-liturgies, family Masses, holiday celebrations, and school trips
  • Valet drop-off and pick-up offered daily

Family Activities

The Holy Trinity School Mountainside Campus works in conjunction with the Westfield Campus to provide our families with a wide range of activities which foster a sense of community in our school.  Parent volunteers from the Home and School Association provide numerous family events as well as events for parents throughout the year including Fall Festival with Trunk or Treat, Kitchen Tour, Birthday Party for Jesus, Grandparents Day, Family Fun Night, Pocketbook Bingo, and Derby Night.



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Tours are available throughout the year starting in October.  Call the office at (908) 233-1899 to schedule a tour.